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How to Use Accurate Retail Labeling to Create a Great Customer Experience

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Ravi Panjwani
Ravi Panjwani
Vice President

Learn how retail labeling can help you track inventory accurately to create a frictionless customer experience

Whether you’re a big-box retailer or a small mom-and-pop shop, your customers expect a frictionless in-store experience in exchange for their loyalty. And if they don’t get it, they’ll go elsewhere.

A frictionless in-store experience looks like stocked shelves, great customer-associate interactions, and a smooth checkout experience — all of which depends on having a balanced inventory. But maintaining accurate inventory is often easier said than done. Read on to learn simple ways that the right technology can empower you to reach the “last mile in the aisle” of inventory success and positive customer experiences.

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The inventory tightrope

As every retailer knows, managing inventory requires balance. Too much inventory takes up valuable real estate and resources, which can cause revenue issues and eat into margins. Too little inventory leads to “out-of-stocks” and frustrated customers who may take their business – and loyalty – elsewhere.

It’s critical that retailers have a strategy that accurately manages and moves inventory, frees up employees’ time, and enables a seamless customer experience.

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How labeling plays a role in the customer experience

Labeling plays a vital role in effectively managing inventory and creating an in-store experience that attracts and retains customers. And the impact of labeling starts long before the customer even walks in the door.

If a shipment of products is mislabeled at the manufacturer or distribution center, the store’s inventory system will not accurately reflect what’s on the shelves. A customer could come in looking for an item that’s not actually there, which would lead to a frustrating experience, a lost sale, or the customer deciding to shop at a competitor.

To avoid this, it’s critical that retailers keep their inventory up to date. A robust labeling solution that prints easy-to-read, consistent, scannable labels every time can help ensure an accurate inventory. The right items arrive in store, and both you and your customers know exactly what’s on your shelves.

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Automating retail tasks to save time

Labeling also plays a key role on the sales floor. Mobile label printers eliminate the need for employees to leave the floor and go to the back office just to use the printer. Instead, associates can print and update as needed. This frees them up for more important tasks, like organizing the store floor, queue-busting, or answering questions for customers.

While labeling can expedite processes, not every label will do. When employees hastily mark down items by hand, it can be frustrating for customers – especially when they can’t read what’s written on the label. Being able to rapidly print consistent, easy-to-read labels reduces customer confusion, and ultimately creates a better experience for your store and brand.

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It’s all about the customer

Customers have a variety of options. They want to be able to find what they want, when they want it, and experience a seamless experience from walk in to check out. Retailers who can’t provide that experience by providing accurate inventory run the risk of losing customers to their competitors.

Whether shoppers are looking to leisurely browse, or quickly get in and get out, clear, correctly labeled items are vital to making a sale. Retailers can help ensure that the right products get to their store and that customers have an easy time finding them. Barcode print and labeling solutions are a cost-effective, easy way to reduce inventory issues and secure customer loyalty. It’s a small step that can make all the difference in creating a frictionless in-store experience.

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