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Top Ways the Pandemic Requires Rethinking Field Service Technology

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Ravi Panjwani
Ravi Panjwani
Vice President

The COVID-19 pandemic quickly changed many things about how we work, live and interact with people around us. In the July issue of SCAN DCR Report, Ravi Panjwani, VP at Brother Mobile shared five pandemic-driven changes the field service industry faces and outlined how forward-thinking organizations serving industrial, commercial and residential clients use mobile tools – including smartphones, tablets, cloud-based networks, apps and printers – to deliver measurable value in our new environment:

1. Enable Contactless Customer Service

In many cases, protecting technicians from the spread of COVID-19 has meant reconsidering or revising processes and tasks so that the usual daily work can be done in a safe, contactless manner. By deploying smartphones and mobile printers, employees are able to handle invoicing, reporting and other services right at the job site, including printing and leaving documents, without the need to see or speak with a customer in person.

2. Eliminate or Reduce Device Sharing

Before the pandemic, many field service organizations allowed workers to share or select the mobile work device of their choice each day. However, due to new health and safety concerns, organizations now avoid sharing devices as much as possible and instead assign devices to individuals and/or vehicles. If shared, equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after use, requiring extra time and effort. For organizations looking to expand the number of mobile devices, printers and software on hand to support new safety protocols, Brother offers two easy-to-use mobile printer options – a full page PocketJet 7 series or a 4-inch format RuggedJet 4 series.

3. Improve Information Access

When employees are at a customer site, on-demand access to information via mobile device helps improve technician responsiveness to customer needs, streamlines their ability to resolve issues on the spot and helps them answer questions or upsell services. A durable mobile printer makes it easy to print reports, invoices, care instructions, equipment labels, receipts, project estimates, special offers and compliance documents. Plus, eliminating the need to handwrite documents means faster service and better accuracy, contributing to higher customer satisfaction.

4. Increase Reliability

Capitalizing on mobile technology to send and receive data, work orders, instructions, customer histories and route changes in real time is a boon to productivity and efficiency while minimizing technician downtime. The many COVID-19 challenges have underscored the need to ensure technicians have a long-lasting battery and technology that can handle a full day’s work. Unreliable technology or unplanned repairs that could require long wait times to get fixed or to source replacement products can substantially affect productivity and revenue.

5. Prioritize Upgrades

Field services companies striving to serve customers in today’s challenging times need state-of-the-art mobile and industrial printing and labeling technology to maintain efficient and competitive operations. In fact, according to a recent survey by ECI Software Solutions, 63% of field service respondents expect to purchase technology to expand their offerings over the next five years.

As pandemic-related concerns continue to define today’s operating environment, mobile solutions that include advanced printing technology are a must-have for field service companies. By supporting highly responsive customer service, efficiently meeting customer compliance needs and improving worker productivity, durable and versatile mobile printers that deliver on-demand, on-the-go documents help bolster a company’s brand and professional image – providing a valuable competitive edge at a time when gaining and retaining customers is more important than ever.

*ECI 2021 State of SMB Digital Transformation survey

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