When it comes to making things stick, the trick is in knowing which adhesive works for the surface you need it to stick to. Different surfaces require different adhesive solutions. Some materials can be trickier than others. For example:

Cardboard: It makes a difference whether the cardboard is corrugated or smooth, waxed or not.

Metal: Is it painted? Powder coated? Or unpainted? The answer will make a difference as to which kind of adhesive will work best.

Glass: It’s often difficult to find an adhesive that will faithfully stick to this ultra-smooth surface yet won’t leave an unsightly residue behind.

Freezer: One of the trickiest surfaces. Frozen goods are notorious for losing their labels. Most conventional adhesives lose their stickiness when temperatures drop below freezing.

Plastic: There are so many different types of plastic, we can’t list them all here! And each one requires thoughtful consideration as to the type of adhesive to be applied.

In addition to using the right adhesive for a particular surface material, it’s imperative that any surface to which you’re applying an adhesive label be completely free of dirt, dust, moisture, oils, and solvents to ensure proper, reliable adhesion.

To be, or not to be – permanent. THAT is the question! 
Once you’ve determined the surface material you’ll be working with, you then need to decide what type of adhesion you need for your project.

The most common types of label adhesives are:

Permanent: The most popular type of label adhesive in the market. Permanent adhesive is a general purpose adhesive that works for most applications and is the most budget friendly. But it has its drawbacks. Because of its permanency, it’s not a great choice if you plan to use the label in a visible area and intend to remove it at some point.

Removable: Labels with a removable adhesive can be removed after application without damaging the label or surface on which it’s applied. Removable adhesives come in different levels of removability depending on the surface material and the specific label adhesive used. Choose carefully, or you’ll find your “removable” label isn’t cooperating as expected.

Repositionable/Dispersion: Labels with repositionable/dispersion adhesives are permanently removable and temporarily permanent. They can be cleanly removed from a surface and reapplied with the same strength hold as the first time they were applied. A great choice for saleable goods, but probably not the best solution for extreme conditions or high-theft items.

On the surface, it seems like a simple prospect – slap on your adhesive label and you’re done. But, as you can see, there is a complex decision-making process involved if you want to ensure the right label for the job. That’s where the Brother Mobile Solutions Team steps in! We’ve got the right adhesive labels for all your tough jobs, and we’ve got the expertise to help you select the right label for your application.

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